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You May Not Be a Celeb, But Your Skin Could Live Like One

Woman wearing dark brown lipstick and oversized tortoise shell sunglasses.

Woman wearing dark brown lipstick and oversized tortoise shell sunglasses.By now, you’ve probably heard of every wacky beauty treatment under the sun that celebrities have touted as the latest fountain of youth. Hate to break it to ya, but there really isn’t a magic elixir that’ll stop aging in its tracks. But there are plenty of med spa treatments that can slow the process, and some stars have homed in on these top cosmetic treatments for aging skin.

Disclaimer: you should never get any cosmetic treatment just because your fave star did it. BUT, if you’re looking for some inspo, we’ve got it.

Katy Perry: Under-Eye Filler for Dark Circles

Katy Perry has been pretty open about the cosmetic treatments she’s tried, which include fillers, lasers, facials and a bomb daily skincare routine. One of the most interesting treatments she’s disclosed, though, is under-eye filler for dark circles.

The singer told Refinery 29 that she’s had “injections under [her] eyes for the hollowing,” and went on to say that she’d recommend this same treatment “for everyone who wants a solution for their dark circles.”

Of course, if dark circles aren’t your main concern, fillers can also do wonders for mid-face wrinkles and plumping your cheeks.

Britney Spears: Lip Injections

You don’t have to be a celeb to “have a little fun” with your beauty routine. There are plenty of affordable treatments out there!

Back in 2013, Brit Brit referred to her lip injections as “fun stuff,” explaining that she tried them for the first time, along with plenty of other skin treatments, at her Beverly Hills plastic surgeon’s office.

While getting lip filler isn’t necessarily what we’d call a “just for fun” type of procedure, it can certainly perk up your mood if you’re bothered by the appearance of thin or asymmetrical lips. Just do us all a favor and don’t go off the deep end like 2007 Britney.

Cindy Crawford: BOTOX®

This supermodel used to be pretty open about not wanting any “work” done, but she says she’s since changed her attitude. When signs of aging started to show up on her face, Cindy Crawford says she decided to try BOTOX—and she’s been seeing the same plastic surgeon since she was 29.

While she’s not interested in surgical procedures, at least not at the moment, Crawford says she’s come to realize that diet and exercise can only do so much. And as long as her BOTOX doesn’t look fake, she’s down for a treatment here and there.

Gwyneth Paltrow: Laser Skin Treatments

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow, on the other hand, has said that she doesn’t like BOTOX. Hey, it’s not for everyone. But she does get laser skin treatments and has said that one of her favorite cosmetic treatments was a nonsurgical neck lift using Thermage® skin tightening.

Jennifer Aniston: Microneedling

Okay, we knew there had to be more than good genes behind that seemingly ageless face! Jennifer Aniston says she loves microneedling, combined with facial serums that her facialist uses—which the microneedling helps to “soak right in.”

While Jen has also said plenty of times that things like water, sleep and sunscreen are vital to her anti-aging efforts, we can’t leave out the fact that she’s also had laser treatments, microcurrent facials and Thermage.


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You May Not Be a Celeb, But Your Skin Could Live Like One
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You May Not Be a Celeb, But Your Skin Could Live Like One
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