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You Know What You Can’t See on Zoom? Your Tummy

Person in gray long shirt using the computer.

Person in gray long shirt using the computer.Working from home? If so, you likely spend hours on Zoom every day, fixating a bit too much on your own face. Noticing all the fine lines and wrinkles that seem to have escaped your perfect skincare regimen.

Listen, if you are face focused right now, there is nothing wrong with that. Go ahead and get a little something done. But there is something else you should totally be focusing on right now.

Your tummy.

Yeah, yeah, I know, no one is going to notice your stomach right now. So what’s the point, right?


It may not be front and center in your video conferences, but I promise you, there has never been a better time for a tummy tuck. Or, for the moms, a mommy makeover.

All aboard the Tummy Tuck Trend Train!

Tummy tucks have been rising in popularity every year for over a decade. And it’s easy to understand why. They take care of excess fat, loose skin and even repair your abdominal muscles to a degree that exercises just can’t. Girl, if you want, they can even remodel your belly button.

It’s not a miracle, but it’s close.

According to plastic surgeons, interest in tummy tucks is skyrocketing in 2020, with patients who came in for a consult in the past deciding that now is finally the time for their procedure. If you’ve been looking at your stomach and listing all the things you’d like to change, maybe you should schedule a consultation.

Ok, but Why during the Pandemic?

Excellent question.

I get it; on the surface, getting any non-essential surgery right now seems kind of crazy. You are supposed to stay home, not head to a hospital where the Rona lives!

First, take a deep breath. Second, most plastic surgery takes place in independent surgical centers or hospital wings that aren’t for treating the Rona.

While it might not seem logical, the virus risk with plastic surgery is actually pretty low.

Still, that doesn’t explain why the pandemic is the right time for a tummy tuck. So, allow me to clarify.

Right now, you spend all day on video conferences or facetiming friends and family rather than seeing much of anyone in person. This means pretty much everyone you know is only seeing you from the shoulders up. All the nitty-gritty of your tummy tuck will be off camera and no one needs to know.

But what about when you need to go out to get food or medicine? Another pandemic benefit: everything delivers right now. There is no need to leave your home until you are comfortably recovered.

That leads to yet another pro of quarantine: recovery as a whole is easier since you are already staying home. You might be able to get away with taking fewer days off work since you don’t need as many accommodations to be comfortable and safe while doing your job. Loose, comfortable clothing and working from bed are standard right now, not something exceptional.

Of course, whether or not you should get a tummy tuck is personal. But if it is something you are interested in, there is no better time to reach out to surgeons and learn about how they can help you.

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You Know What You Can’t See on Zoom? Your Tummy
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You Know What You Can’t See on Zoom? Your Tummy
Zoom’s got you thinking all about your face, but what about your tummy? Plastic surgery personality RaveBabe goes over tummy tuck benefits.
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