You Got Lipo, Now You Itch Nonstop. What’s that About?

You Got Lipo

You Got LipoWhen you decided to get liposuction, you were probably prepared for some soreness and maybe even a little pain, but what you didn’t sign up for was nonstop itching. What’s the deal with your itchy-as-all-get-out skin, and how can you make it stop without messing up your results?

Why Am I So Dang Itchy?

Most of the time, itching after liposuction happens around week two of your recovery and then may persist for a few days before finally tapering off. Although this might be annoying, it’s totally normal.

Itching usually happens because of the trauma that the cannula, or small tube, can cause to your nerve fibers during the procedure. Don’t worry–as your body continues to heal, this side effect will diminish and your nerves will be just fine.

It is possible, too, that you could be having an allergic reaction to wearing a compression garment while recovering from liposuction. In this case, talk to your plastic surgeon about possible alternative options.


Although it’s not fun, itchiness after liposuction is a common side effect that will ease in time.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Scratch

If you’re looking for relief from itching after lipo, this is probably the worst news you’ve heard all day. Unfortunately, scratching will only make matters worse. Not only will this probably just make you feel sore, but it can also hinder the healing process of your incisions if that’s where most of the itchiness is.

Instead, use a topical or oral antihistamine and take a nice warm shower. If you’ve gotten the go-ahead from your plastic surgeon to soak, draw a bath for yourself and add some calming oatmeal soap or bubble bath.

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