You Could Waste a Lot of Toothpaste & Time Trying to Boost Your Boobs

Waste a Lot of Toothpaste

Waste a Lot of ToothpasteWhen you say you’re willing to try anything to get bigger boobs, do you really mean anything? How about slathering up your ta-tas with toothpaste every night for a month?

Just in case you didn’t quite catch the sarcasm there, this is an internet sensation that you can go ahead and skip because it’s totally bogus. Let’s just stick with good ole breast augmentation, shall we?

Stop the Madness

Someone somewhere started a ridiculous craze that has surprisingly gained some traction among YouTubers. The myth goes like this: if you rub toothpaste all over your breasts for 30 nights, they’ll get firmer and bigger. Sadly, lots of women have been tricked into believing this hocus pocus and have probably wasted a whole lotta toothpaste trying their hardest.

Finally, Makeup Mesha decided to give this method the ole college try and share her honest experience with her followers. The conclusion? Surprise! It didn’t do a damn thing. Put this one in the ranks of totally weird treatments not to try.

For the record, there are NO creams—including toothpaste—that’ll make your boobies grow.

DIY Boob Job=Fake News

Ladies, no matter what silly concoction you try, you’re not going to be able to get plastic surgery results from a tube of toothpaste, cucumber juice or whatever the next “secret sauce” may be. If you’re unhappy with the size or sagginess of your boobs, talk to a qualified cosmetic surgeon about your options. And believe me—slathering your body in minty fresh toothpaste isn’t one of them.


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You Could Waste a Lot of Toothpaste & Time Trying to Boost Your Boobs
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You Could Waste a Lot of Toothpaste & Time Trying to Boost Your Boobs
Can you really DIY breast augmentation at home with a tube of toothpaste? Beauty blogger RaveBabe puts the kibosh on this downright weird new trend.
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