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You Could Try BOTOX® on Your Lips But It Could Get Awkward

woman getting lip injections

woman getting lip injectionsIf you’ve always wanted that pouty, sultry lip look but haven’t been gifted with a naturally plump pair, you’re in luck. There’s a new BOTOX® trend designed specifically for this purpose. But before you sign up, know that there’s a catch.

The “Lip Flip” BOTOX Trend

Lip injections certainly aren’t a new thing. But what is new about them is the current trend to use BOTOX to flip your upper lip outwards ever so slightly to achieve a fuller, poutier look.

When this approach can get you into trouble is if you’re not working with a highly skilled injector who knows exactly what they’re doing. Otherwise, this one-minute procedure could turn into three months of not being able to move your lips. Small price to pay for beauty, right? Well, you do have some other options.

A Better Job for BOTOX

The most common places to get BOTOX are on your forehead, near your brow and around your eyes.

Keep in mind that BOTOX and fillers are not the same thing. Since BOTOX works by temporarily relaxing the underlying facial muscles that cause wrinkles to show up on your skin, this treatment is best used in areas where there’s heavy facial expression traffic—i.e. your forehead and eye areas.

Just make sure you’re still working with a qualified provider and not a sneaky BOTOX bandit.

When Dermal Fillers Might Be Right

If dewy skin or pouty lips are your goal, you might be better off opting for dermal fillers, which have nothing to do with your muscle movement. Instead, they work by temporarily plumping your skin or lips for a smoother, fuller look.


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You Could Try BOTOX® on Your Lips But It Could Get Awkward
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You Could Try BOTOX® on Your Lips But It Could Get Awkward
Thinking about hopping on board with the latest BOTOX trends? Plastic surgery personality Ravebabe explains why you might want to pass on the BOTOX lip flip.
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