You Could Shiver Yourself Thinner — or There’s CoolSculpting®

woman looking cold outside

woman looking cold outsideMoving around a lot helps you burn calories, but literally shivering to lose fat? Apparently, there’s some research showing that shivering out in the cold could have some of the same benefits as exercising. It turns out that the hormones your body releases when you’re shaking from the cold are the same ones it produces during moderate exercise. What’s more, production of this hormone increases the more intensely you are shivering. Sounds like fun, right?

Standing Out in the Cold Will Only Get You So Far

There’s a correlation between cold and fat loss, but you don’t have to brave a winter storm to slim down.

There’s something to this shivering to lose fat thing, so take a walk on a chilly morning or go build a snowman once in a while. But don’t expect your snowpants to start getting looser anytime soon. While a little cold air might give your fitness efforts a boost, staying out in the cold weather all day just so you can really get your shiver on is probably not the greatest idea. Because frostbite. Plus, all that shivering just seems kind of awful.

Goodbye Hypothermia, Hello CoolSculpting

So, you really don’t have to stand out in the snow all day to harness the fat-busting powers of cold. CoolSculpting is an actual procedure that you have done in a (warm!) office. Using the science of cryopolisys, CoolSculpting quite literally kills your unwanted fat cells effectively and with precision. CoolSculpting is truly body contouring without surgery, and it doesn’t involve freezing your you-know-what off and hoping for the best.

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You Could Shiver Yourself Thinner – or There's CoolSculpting
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You Could Shiver Yourself Thinner – or There's CoolSculpting
Are you curious about body contouring without surgery? You could shiver yourself thinner, but CoolSculpting works without resorting to extreme measures.
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