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Yikes, Can a Plastic Surgeon Fix Eyes That Are Different Sizes?

sassy woman

sassy womanJeepers, creepers – where’d you get those (uneven) peepers?Are your differently sized eyes causing you to miss out on the things you enjoy?

Things like having same-sized eyes? If so, we offer these two nuggets of truth. 1. You are not alone (more on that in a moment), and 2. A plastic surgeon might actually be able to help (we’ll get to that, too).

Actually, Everyone’s Eyes Are Different Sizes

Human beings tend to be asymmetrical. Our eyes, ears, and even our own two ta-tas are generally different sizes. It would be much weirder for a person to have perfectly symmetrical parts than to not. That said, symmetrical faces are widely considered to be the most attractive faces. This is science, people. Symmetry is sexy.

Upper eyelid surgery can help you achieve your dreams, at least the ones about having more symmetrical eyes.

Blepharoplasty: An Eye-Opening Experience

If those lopsided eyes of yours are causing you to lose sleep at night, book an appointment with a plastic surgeon to find out if eyelid surgery might be able to help. One of the things that can make eyes appear asymmetrical is when the eyelids are different from one another. Not only can blepharoplasty fix your droopy eyelids, it can help you look younger in general. When you get to your consultation, be sure to bring all your eyelid surgery FAQs with you. And be sure to select someone who is experienced and board certified (these are your eyes we’re talking about here).

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Yikes, Can a Plastic Surgeon Fix Eyes That Are Different Sizes?
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Yikes, Can a Plastic Surgeon Fix Eyes That Are Different Sizes?
One eyelid surgery FAQ is "can blepharoplasty fix differently sized eyes?" Here's how a plastic surgeon may be able to create a more balanced look.
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