Yes, Sir! Reporting for Liposuction Duty, Sir!

Liposuction Duty

Military female with her arms crossed Shoes polished? Check.

Uniform ironed? Check.

Liposuction finished? Check.

Wait, what?

Tighten Up That Midsection, Soldier

Yes, it’s true—even the soldiers of the U.S. army are falling in line with the droves of patients looking for plastic surgery results. These cadets aren’t looking for a new nose or shapely breasts, though—they’re interested in liposuction to slim down their midsections and make their bodies more compliant with physical military regulations.

See, soldiers undergo regular body fat checks to determine how “fit” they are for service, as it were. These measurements are taken around the neck and waist, and failing them can impact the soldier’s future prospects for promotions and advancement.

While many experts agree the body fat isn’t a great indicator of fitness, soldiers must pass the Pentagon’s test or be placed into the modified dietary and fitness routines of the “porkchop platoon,” as they so lovingly call it.

Militant Contouring

As many professionals are up in arms about the accuracy of this body fat screening, lipo in the military is becoming a more common option for soldiers to sneak under the radar.

Liposuction can remove stubborn fat from specific areas of the body, allowing you to reshape certain areas of your physique. While this isn’t effective as a weight loss method, it may be the perfect solution for tightening up the tummies of the soldiers who are otherwise fit, but are plagued with a spare tire that causes them to fail their screening.

While the U.S. army doesn’t condone lipo as a method to pass the test, they have no specific rules against it. And when you consider the rigorous training that cadets have to undergo to meet their fitness standards, it’s no surprise that they’d apply that same “never give up” mindset to passing these tests.


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