Yes, Opting for Smartlipo™ Actually Makes You Smarter


SmartlipoIf you’ve been searching for a novel way to zap your fat and boost your IQ, you’re in luck. When it comes to liposuction, Smartlipo™ is the most intelligent option. Why settle for your mom’s liposuction when you could get some truly space-age treatment for your bod?

Like house guests who have long outstayed their welcome, almost everyone has unwanted pockets of fat lurking somewhere on the body. Diet and exercise may make you a healthier person but they don’t always send the fat packing. Old school liposuction injects a liquid solution into the target areas to dissolve the fat and then suctions it out with a hollow tube. How retro.

Get Smart

It’s been well-documented that each generation is more intelligent than the one before it, which is why choosing SmartLipo™ is the smartest choice you could make when considering your body contouring options. SmartLipo™ uses a high-energy laser to liquefy the fat cells, which are then removed with a specially designed cannula that is as small as it is precise.

SmartLipo™’s creaky ancestor, traditional liposuction, tends to leave a wake of destruction in its path. Sure, it may destroy the fat, but it can also wreak havoc on the surrounding tissue and blood vessels. Très messy.

Take No Prisoners

SmartLipo™ uses laser technology coupled with a more careful method of removal so there’s no collateral damage. It zaps away fat while preserving the nearby tissue. This results in less swelling and increased skin retraction, which means less downtime and a more refined outcome. SmartLipo™ is particularly effective in areas where extra finesse is necessary, such as the face. With the benefits of less downtime, more accuracy, better skin retraction and improved results, which method are you gonna choose, smarty?

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