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Would Your Risk Jail Time for “Free” Laser Hair Removal?

Woman's hands holding on to jail cell bars.

Woman's hands holding on to jail cell bars.When it comes to hair removal, sometimes the daily shaving just gets too much. For some unlucky thieves in West London, this meant hitting up a laser removal practice and brining home the laser. Unfortunately, they are no doubt sitting in jail with very hairy legs right now wishing they had just made an appointment.

While the idea of free laser hair removal is something many women dream of, it isn’t worth the jail time. And let’s be honest, would you know how to operate one of those machines safely? Chances are the answer is no. In this case, you are much better off leaving the laser hair removal to the professionals.

How Laser Hair Removal Really Makes a Difference

While razors or tweezers are an effective method of hair removal, let’s be honest here. Daily hair removal can be a real a real pain in the butt! Laser hair removal gets to the root of the problem and stops the hair’s ability to grow back. No more razors! No more tweezers! Just smooth, soft, hair-free skin. (Okay, maybe we can understand why it’s worth a bit of jail time).

While it is clear to understand the pros of laser hair removal (no hair or shaving, duh), the main con is that you have to go in for a few treatments in order to achieve the desired results. But with the technology today, that is a relatively pain-free, relaxing session that you can do during a break from work every 4 to 6 weeks. Is that really a con?

Avoid Jail and Find a Professional

While the idea of grabbing your own machine might sound appealing, the reality is jail time wouldn’t be the worst of your problems. Working these machines requires special skill and training to avoid potential damage, injury, and the precision needed to actually stop that hair from growing. Doing it wrong can leave burns or scars on your skin and that is much worse than unwanted hair. It is so much easier to find a certified hair removal center, have a few appointments, and say goodbye to all that hair once and for all!

But when searching for a laser hair removal place, don’t take the easy route. You don’t want to end up in some back ally with Joe and his stolen machine trying to remove your hair. Look for a certified facility with experience. Find a nice clean office with pleasant people and you are bound to get the results you are looking for. Forget the jail time. It really isn’t worth it!


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Would Your Risk Jail Time for “Free” Laser Hair Removal?
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Would Your Risk Jail Time for “Free” Laser Hair Removal?
While the idea of free laser hair removal sounds appealing, Simply Smooth Laser Center points out that your health could be more at risk with free laser hair removal.
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