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Would You Try the Tiny Nipple Trend? Please Say No.

Tiny Nipple Trend

Tiny Nipple TrendHey, you. Yes, you there with the great big nipples. Just kidding. There’s nothing wrong with the size of your nipples, but a recent fad has developed and its proponents are trying to convince you otherwise. Yes, people are actually downsizing their nipples. There are plenty of ways to bring out the best in your breasts without resorting to such measures. Some breast augmentation trends have made the world a better place (hello gummy bear implants). This is not one of them.

Seriously, What?

Have you always wished you had smaller nipples? Us either. But apparently some people have, and they are taking action in the form of nipple reduction procedures. Once you’ve had one surgical procedure anything goes, right? Wrong. There’s a line. And we draw it just before doing weird things to our nipples. Customizing your breast enhancement procedure is one thing, but this is too much.

If you’re itching to do strange things to your nipples, consider jewelry or body paint before you jump on the tiny nipple bandwagon.

The Case for Loving Your Nipples the Way They Are

Your nipples are normal, okay. No matter what size they are. We’re all for breast augmentation to help you look and feel your best. That said, if someone is complaining about your nipples, that person should not be in your life. Sorry we had to be the ones to tell you. Not to mention that if you ever plan on breastfeeding at some point, it’s best to do as little poking around the nipple area as possible.

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