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Would You Play Plastic Surgeon on an App?

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plastic surgery appIn a world where there’s an app for everything, are you even surprised that there’s an app that lets you pretend you’re a plastic surgeon? But here’s the kicker: these apps are marketed towards kids, and feature cringing cartoons who are about to go under the knife to get a new nose and even Barbie prepping for lipo.

Because We All Wanted to Be Barbie’s…Er… Plastic Surgeon?

While there are now quite a few plastic surgery apps that are either unrated or straight up marketed towards kids, one of the most notable is a little gem called Princess Plastic Surgery by Bravo Kids Media.

If being a top female plastic surgeon was your dream as a child, then this app might have been just for you. It lets users transform a princess who was turned “ugly” by an evil witch back to her former beautiful self…with the help of lots of plastic surgery.

Another one, aptly titled “Nose Doctor Fun Kids Game,” claims to teach kids about medicine while giving a doll a nose job. And the list goes on and on.

Petitions are circulating to have these apps removed from app stores, or at least stripped of their kid-friendly language.

Stick to a Real-Life Plastic Surgeon If You’re Gonna Have Work Done

If you’re on the flip side and are thinking about getting plastic surgery yourself, you might be equally disturbed that these procedures have been made into games. Because one thing’s for sure: real-life plastic surgery obviously requires serious medical training, so don’t choose some Joe or Jane Schmoe whose before and after pics look like they could have come from an app.

And if you are considering plastic surgery, do so for the right reasons. Seriously, the world does not need yet another Barbie doll look-alike.


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Would You Play Plastic Surgeon on an App?
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Would You Play Plastic Surgeon on an App?
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