Laser Resurfacing

Would You Make Like a Celeb & Get a Little Laser Something?

Close-up portrait of a female model with smooth skin wearing posh sunglasses.

Close-up portrait of a female model with smooth skin wearing posh sunglasses.Getting work done no longer means going under the knife and enduring a long recovery. Just ask any Hollywood celebrity. Not only do these non-surgical spa procedures deliver incredible results, but their minimal downtime means the paparazzi can’t catch on so easily.

Of course, not all celebs are mum about their work. Kim Kardashian is pretty open about her love of laser therapies, as are many of the biggest influencers on Instagram.

So, are you ready to pull a Kardashian and get laser treatments to tighten skin and improve tone, texture and more?

What Makes Laser Therapies Special?

Laser treatments deliver results that rival surgery with no recovery and a lower cost.

Tightening skin and improving tone means getting surgery and having a long recovery period — or at least it used to. But those days are long gone.

Can I get a hallelujah?

Laser therapy means getting the results you want after just a session or two, and these sessions don’t require downtime. In fact, you could get them done just by taking a long lunch from work.

In other words, you look great and you feel great. What’s not to love about that?

Top that off with the fact that these treatments are easier to afford than actual plastic surgery and you are looking at something that is pretty much irresistible.

And You Have More Options Than You Might Think

Laser treatments sound like something out of a science-fiction movie, so you might think there are just a couple options. Reality check: there are tons to choose from. Just how many? You have:

  • Nanofractional Radio Frequency: Using tiny needles, radio frequency energy and pulsed electro magnetic fields heat the surface of the skin to stimulate collagen production and elastic fibers. The result: smoother and firmer skin.
  • Radio Frequency Microneedling: Like the above, it stimulates collagen production, giving you a youthful look that is all your own. It can smooth and even remove discoloration.
  • Fractional CO2 Technology: What makes this one special is that it can target smaller areas of skin, leaving the healthier areas alone. This prevents accidental damage — pretty important if you ask us.

And this isn’t all the treatments available to you. From removing hair to getting rid of that tattoo of your ex’s name, laser treatments are pretty incredible.

Signs You Should Follow in Kim’s Footsteps

These laser treatments to tighten skin sound cool and all, but would they really benefit you?

Probably. Even the most beautiful among us rely on them for maintenance. So how can you know if you should give yourself the Kardashian treatment?

  • Your skin is loose in spots it shouldn’t be — so pretty much anywhere
  • You have a scar or scars that you aren’t a fan of
  • Acne has left your skin uneven
  • You have discolorations you try to hide
  • Blood vessels are visible on your skin

Basically, you can use laser treatments to tighten skin, change color, improve texture and more. So if you are unhappy with anything about your skin’s appearance, chances are there is a laser treatment for you.


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Would You Make Like a Celeb & Get a Little Laser Something?
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Would You Make Like a Celeb & Get a Little Laser Something?
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