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Would You Livestream Your Boob Job on Social Media?

shocked looking woman looking at phone

shocked looking woman looking at phoneWhen it comes to breast augmentation trends, we’ve seen a lot of things. From the overdone boob jobs of the 90s to today’s more subtle-looking implants, the breast enhancement industry is not immune to changing fads. And, we think you should do what you want with your own body. But Livestreaming your boob job? For real?

Yes, Someone Has Actually Done This

A Texas woman recently shared her breast augmentation surgery with the world via Instagram, so let’s establish that this is a real thing that happened. However, this particular woman had some fairly compelling reasons to do this fairly strange thing. See, she’s actually internet-famous. An Instagram star who makes more money than the rest of us by sharing everyday details like what she had for lunch with her many followers. So, it kind of makes sense for someone like that to do this.

Sure, livestreaming a breast augmentation might be a savvy move for an Instagram entrepreneur, but maybe not so much for the average gal.

You Probably Should Not Livestream Your Own Boob Job

Not that we’d judge you if you did, but it seems like sound advice to say that sharing your actual breast augmentation surgery online probably isn’t a good move for most people. First, there’s the fact that this might be looked upon weirdly by potential dates, bosses and anyone else who googles you name and sees your new ta-tas being installed. Second, where’s the benefit for you? Unless you are an exhibitionist of epic proportions (or you’re also making a crap-ton of money off your internet posts), there’s not much to be gained here. Just log off and go to sleep.


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Would You Livestream Your Boob Job on Social Media?
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Would You Livestream Your Boob Job on Social Media?
Of all the breast augmentation trends, a notable new on is livestreaming your surgery. Should you Instagram your boob job for all the world to see?
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