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Would You Have Plastic Surgery to Impersonate a Celeb?

celebrity plastic surgery

celebrity plastic surgeryCelebrity impersonators and look-alikes are certainly nothing new. But what does seem to be a new trend catching on like wildfire is actually going under the knife to look like your favorite star.

In one Lifetime movie actor’s case, he’s had plastic surgery to look just like Michael Jackson.

Annie Are You Okay?

Navi, self-proclaimed “World’s #1 Michael Jackson Impersonator,” does, indeed, look eerily similar to the late King of Pop. But he damn well better, considering he’s had plastic surgery to better impersonate MJ.

Better Reasons for Plastic Surgery

According to his website, Navi is the only Michael Jackson impersonator to have ever been invited to Neverland Ranch.

Navi isn’t the first to go under the knife to look more like his idol. One Britney Spears superfan dropped $80,000 on plastic surgeries to look just Brit. No matter which celeb we’re talking about, though, the bottom line is that getting your face surgically molded to look just like anyone else’s is downright creepy and probably not great for your overall wellbeing.

If you are thinking about getting plastic surgery, do so for the right reasons. Like, you might want a facelift to help you look like a slightly younger, more energized version of yourself. Or, maybe you’ve recently lost a lot of weight are looking for a body contouring procedure like a tummy tuck to get rid of some excess skin.

These are both very reasonable reasons why you might opt for plastic surgery. Turning yourself into MJ? Not so much.

But Most Importantly…

Pick a reputable plastic surgeon! Most trustworthy professionals are going to steer you away from having plastic surgery for all the wrong reasons. Aim to have an honest, transparent consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon before deciding to turn yourself into this week’s trending celeb.


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Would You Have Plastic Surgery to Impersonate a Celeb?
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Would You Have Plastic Surgery to Impersonate a Celeb?
You wouldn’t believe some people’s reasons for plastic surgery. RaveBabe explains how one celebrity impersonator used surgery to look just like the King of Pop.
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