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Would You Have Plastic Surgery to Get Pretty Boy Good Looks?

pretty boy plastic surgery

pretty boy plastic surgeryIf you follow Korean pop music trends at all, you might have notice that something’s a little different lately. The chiseled, angular faces of Korean stars of the past have morphed into softer, rounded edges and an all-around pretty boy (literally called “beautiful flower boy” in Korean) look.

So what’s up? Turns out, more and more Korean men are getting rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery to look less Asian and more pretty boy superstar.

Pretty Is the New Handsome

Thanks to the skyrocketing popularity of K-pop and K-drama stars, the new ideal masculine look is now much more feminine.

Think 90s boy band meets millennial pop star.

From nose jobs and eyelid surgery to BB creams and other skincare products, Korean men, particularly the younger generations, are serious about taking their appearance into their own hands to get the coveted androgynous look.

But at What Price?

Obviously, lots of people get plastic surgery for all sorts of different reasons, so if having Asian eyelid surgery is your thing, we’re not here to judge. But there are a few red flags when getting plastic surgery to resemble your favorite pop star, no matter what they look like.

Namely, if you change one feature to look prettier or more androgynous or even less Asian, just to fit the mold of the latest celebrity look, you run the risk of getting caught in a trap of plastic surgery after plastic surgery, chasing some trendy ideal that might be gone before you finish having work done.

So before going under the knife, let’s have realistic, grounded goals in mind, shall we?


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Would You Have Plastic Surgery to Get Pretty Boy Good Looks?
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Would You Have Plastic Surgery to Get Pretty Boy Good Looks?
Plastic surgery personality RaveBabe gives us the scoop on why so many young Korean men are now getting Asian eyelid surgery, nose jobs and a whole lot more.
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