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Would You Get Plastic Surgery at an Airport?!

airport plastic surgery

airport plastic surgeryStuck with a long layover? Faced with a delayed flight? Why not get cozy with a hot chocolate, do a little shopping and…get plastic surgery?

Believe it or not, an airport in South Korea has plans to launch a cosmetic surgery center right inside the airport. But please, don’t let this weird cosmetic surgery trend take off, and here are three important reasons why.

  1. Medical Tourism Is a Big No-No

    In case you haven’t heard, traveling abroad for the sake of snagging a bargain on plastic surgery or even injectables like BOTOX® and fillers is a huge health risk and you absolutely shouldn’t do it. So just because this airport is trying to attract more fliers by offering questionable cosmetic services, that doesn’t mean you should hop on the next flight to South Korea.

  2. Plastic Surgery and Planes Don’t Mix

    Ideally, you’ll choose a plastic surgeon in your area so you don’t have to worry about staying in a hotel or getting on a plane right afterwards.

    Another reason why airport plastic surgery is a terrible idea is that you don’t want to have to be anywhere near a plane right after any cosmetic procedure. Not only will you be totally uncomfortable, but if you experience any medical complications, you’ll be far, far away from a physician who can help.

  3. Board Certification or Bust

    Cosmetic surgery trends come and go, but one thing will always remain constant: you need to work with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Don’t try to cut cosmetic surgery costs by putting yourself in a potentially dangerous or even deadly situation with an unqualified, inexperienced or illegal surgeon.

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Would You Get Plastic Surgery at an Airport?!
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Would You Get Plastic Surgery at an Airport?!
Are cosmetic surgery trends going too far? RaveBabe explains three serious reasons why you should definitely opt out of airport plastic surgery.
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