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Would You Get Labiaplasty to Look Like a Barbie Doll?

barbie labiaplasty

barbie labiaplastyBy now, you’ve probably seen the guy who got tons of plastic surgery to look like a Ken doll and the countless women who’ve had similar work done in the name of looking like Barbie.

But one woman who goes by the moniker Pixee Fox has taken extreme measures to look like Wonder Woman.

Do You Really Need Labiaplasty to Be Wonder Woman?

Don’t get me wrong, labiaplasty comes with lots of benefits, but looking like Wonder Woman isn’t one of them.

Not only did Pixee get a massive boob job, two nose jobs, lipo and eye-color-changing implants, but she also opted in for labiaplasty, a broken jaw and having six ribs removed – all in the name of impersonating every girl’s favorite female superhero.

While this procedure can help to address both cosmetic and health concerns, it’s not going to magically transform you into a fictional character with superhuman strength and a nifty Lasso of Truth.

Better Reasons to Get Labiaplasty

No matter how you slice it, trying to look like Wonder Woman is a bad reason to get labiaplasty. If you feel uncomfortable fitting into tight clothing other than a Wonder Woman suit, though, this procedure might be a real solution for you.

Another benefit of labiaplasty is that it can make your time between the sheets much more comfortable if enlarged labia have been getting in the way. Plus, if you’re self-conscious of how you look or feel down there, it could put a serious damper on your love life.

Just make sure you find a top female plastic surgeon for your labiaplasty to get the smooth, seamless results you want (and to steer you away from getting plastic surgery to look like a doll).


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Would You Get Labiaplasty to Look Like a Barbie Doll?
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Would You Get Labiaplasty to Look Like a Barbie Doll?
Curious about labiaplasty benefits? RaveBabe explains why looking like an action figure isn’t one of them, plus lists better reasons to get labiaplasty.
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