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Would You Get Fillers Just to Wear Bigger Earrings?

ear fillers for earrings

ear fillers for earringsYou’ve heard of the year of the rear? Well this year just might be the year of the ear. Yes, that’s right. Ears are apparently the new hot feature to look out for this season, thanks to trending statement earrings and classic up-dos. Oh, and of course, Kris Jenner, who recently announced on Keeping up with the Kardashians that she had surgery to reduce the size of her earlobes.

Lucky for us, there’s now also the option of getting dermal filler for your earlobes.But why?

When Beauty Calls…

We’ll chalk this one up to one of those strange cosmetic trends that hopefully fizzles out sooner rather than later. But if you’re really into wearing huge, dangling earrings that are almost as big as your head, you might need a little earlobe filler just to support the things.

Ears not quite supporting your over-sized earrings? A little filler can go a long way!

Another reason why some people are hopping on the dermal filler for earlobes train is to make loose, sagging skin a thing of the past. In Kris Jenner’s case, her lobes were apparently beyond repair with just a little filler, so she went all out and had ear surgery to lop off some excess skin.

…But There’s Always a Price

Truthfully, if your earlobes are bothering you that much, there’s no harm in checking with your plastic surgeon about getting a couple drops of filler to plump them up. But hyaluronic acid filler is only temporary, and each five-minute procedure could cost you hundreds of dollars. But hey, to each their own, right?


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Would You Get Fillers Just to Wear Bigger Earrings?
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Would You Get Fillers Just to Wear Bigger Earrings?
Thinking about getting dermal filler for your earlobes? Plastic surgery personality RaveBabe explains why this trend is even a thing and who made it so popular.
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