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Would You Get Extra Large Boobs to Boost Your Cosplay Costume?

cosplay boobs

cosplay boobsIf you’ve been known to go all-out for the sake of cosplay costume authenticity, might you think about getting extra-huge implants to be a cut above the rest?

One purple lady named Bunny didn’t just consider it—she did it.

Are Supersized Implants Worth Cosplay Fame?

Bunny got her first implants when she was 18. But these weren’t just any implants. These were massive 850cc breast implants. From there, Bunny continued to up her size to a whopping 2,000ccs to avoid having to pad or modify her bra to the max to get her cosplay character just right.

Now for the downside. Not only is it impossible for Bunny to ever take her cosplay costume off, but she also suffered through some pretty serious complications during her breast enhancement surgeries because of the extreme size of her implants.

Realistic Breast Implant Size and Shape Options

When it comes to picking an implant size for your boob job, your plastic surgeon is in your corner.

It’s fine to want to boost your boobies a bit, but getting ginormous 2,000cc implants and STILL wanting more is a little overboard. Even if you want a more dramatic look, go for a high-profile silicone implant that’s still in balance with the rest of your body.

If you’re more of an au naturel kinda gal, you might be better suited for a moderate to low-profile shaped implant.

Still have questions about your implant size and shape options? Run them by your plastic surgeon. He or she is hands-down your best resource when planning a realistic and safe breast augmentation.


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Would You Get Extra Large Boobs to Boost Your Cosplay Costume?
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Would You Get Extra Large Boobs to Boost Your Cosplay Costume?
Confused about all of your breast implant size and shape options? Your girl RaveBabe has your back and explains what not to do when planning your boob job.
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