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Would You Get Cosmetic Surgery with Your Mom?

mommy daughter plastic surgery

mommy daughter plastic surgeryIf you and your mom are best friends, you probably do everything together. But just how far are you willing to take that statement? Shopping together is great, but would you have matching cosmetic surgery?Cosmetic surgery trends come and go, some more eccentric than others, but do you think mommy-daughter plastic surgerywill ever catch on? (Let’s hope not.)

Mom and Me Cosmetic Surgery

Not only have some mom and daughter duos opted for matching cosmetic surgery, there’s been some live streaming of liposuction, laser ab sculpting, breast augmentation and more from one dedicated mom and gal combo. A mommy makeover is one thing, but this is on another level!

Following cosmetic surgery trends is generally a bad idea – do it for you, not because it’s the latest thing. Imagine that 00s skater look had been permanent…

Make Cosmetic Surgery Teamwork Your Trend

Choosing cosmetic surgery just because your mom (or daughter) is doing it would be a really bad idea. On the other hand, maybe you both genuinely could benefit from some treatment and the idea of having each other for moral support sounds great.

If you’d really like to be in this together, think about scheduling your cosmetic surgery so you’re there for each other during recovery. Bring mom to your initial consultation with your board-certified cosmetic surgeon and figure out how your teamwork can make this dream work. Just make sure you’re doing it because it’s right for you, not because you’re hopping on the latest trend train.


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Would You Get Cosmetic Surgery with Your Mom?
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Would You Get Cosmetic Surgery with Your Mom?
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