Vajayjay Treatments

Would You Get a Vajacial? A Vattoo? Do Some Vajazzling?


VajacialNot super happy with the way your vagina looks? You’re not alone. Women are doing some pretty creative things to their lady parts these days. It probably has a lot to do with the trend toward genital hairlessness. Could our grandmothers have predicted that vaginas would one day have their own fashion trends?

Vajacial, Anyone?

During your vagina facial, er, vajacial, your most intimate parts will be treated with products and techniques aimed at reducing redness and bumps caused by waxing and shaving. Oh, and by “techniques,” we mean plucking out stray hairs with tweezers. A vajacial might help calm down razor rash, but at the end of the day it doesn’t actually change the anatomy of your vagina.

Make a Statement with a Vattoo

Yes, a vattoo is a vagina tattoo. While this procedure sounds downright terrifying, it doesn’t involve actually getting tattooed on your vagina. Instead, a vattoo is painted on the area just above it using a stencil. It’s temporary, so you only have to regret putting “YOLO” on your crotch for a few days.

When you get a vattoo, remember that you’re just decorating your vagina and not actually changing it.

Create a Stand-out Vagina with Vajazzling

Get crafty with your vagina. Just lie back and let the artist go to work. Opt for a few sparkly accents or go full-on bling. The end result, we assume, is that your vagina will shine bright like a diamond. Vajazzling is not permanent. Thank goodness.

Certainly any one of these procedures can add a little something extra to you most intimate area, but none create any real or lasting change down there. The good news is that there are vaginal procedures like ThermiVa® that can change the way your vagina looks, feels and even functions.

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