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Would You Be Down for a Med Spa Treatment Date?

Man and woman getting deep back massages at a med spa.

Man and woman getting deep back massages at a med spa.Are you tired of the same boring date ideas and looking for something new to do with your partner? Reality star Kristin Cavallari apparently was when she planned an extraordinary date night while dating her husband, former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler. While Cavallari opted for a not-so-sexy colon cleanse for their date, the idea of a med spa treatment date sounds much more appealing and a great way for couples to come together.

A Skin Rejuvenation Date

A date is a time for couples to come together and share with each other. With a skin rejuvenation date, you can each expose your skin insecurities and treat them together. Whether it is those pesky wrinkles making you feel older, sun spots from too many dates at the beach or acne scars from those puberty years, skin rejuvenation treatments such as Lumecca IPL can give you both a fresh new look.

Lumecca IPL uses intense pulsed light to target problem areas of your skin. A handheld flashgun sends pulses of intense light directly to your skin. Thanks to the sapphire cooling tip, the treatments are painless and require little downtime (Though downtime together can always extend the date!). With one treatment you can both visibly reduce signs of aging and other skin irregularities, delivering clear and radiant skin. And, while one treatment does produce results, your desired look may require additional treatments, so you can both do it again for another date night.

When Getting Hot and Bothered Takes on a Different Meaning

If your partner suffers with wet armpit stains even when you aren’t getting hot and heavy, it might be he suffers from hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. Excessive sweating can lead to those unsightly stains, wet hands and even dehydration. While you might be familiar with BOTOX injections to treat dynamic wrinkles, like crow’s feet, BOTOX is also approved for the treatment of hyperhidrosis. So, while it might be an embarrassing subject, this might just be the med spa date and cosmetic treatment option for you and your man.

Fixing Those Curves Together

Many couples use the gym for regular date nights as a way to get fit and healthy together. But, even regular workouts and eating healthy can’t always get rid of those pesky pockets of excess fat around the middle. But just as you work out together, you can target those unwanted fatty areas together with a med spa treatment such as VelaShape. Unlike plastic surgery, VelaShape is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment that uses mechanical massage, infrared light energy, vacuum suction and radiofrequency to shrink fat cells.

Treatments take 30 to 40 minutes each and it often requires a couple sessions to achieve your desired contouring, but these means more dates and quality time together. After a few months, you can plan a special night out on the town for both of you to show of your new curves.

Med spas aren’t just for women and there are many different cosmetic treatments perfect for men too. If you enjoy your med spa treatments, why not consider sharing it with your special someone and making a date of it.



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Would You Be Down for a Med Spa Treatment Date?
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Would You Be Down for a Med Spa Treatment Date?
If Kristin Cavallari can opt for a colon cleanse date, plastic surgery personality RaveBabe suggests planning a med spa date for you and your special man.
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