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Would a Goddess Get Plastic Surgery?

Plastic Surgery

Plastic SurgeryThe Roman gods and goddesses are an ancient, fascinating group that still captivate our attention and seem to be at the center of a major motion picture every few years. With all their backstories and incest and drama, they truly are a soap opera that has stood the test of time.

Venus has always been one of the more popular residents of Mount Olympus because, well, she symbolizes love, sex and desire, which is way cooler than some god of wheat or livestock. Venus was known for her beauty and sex appeal, but we have to wonder: would Venus visit her local plastic surgeon’s office for a nip and tuck if she were alive today?

WWVD: What Would Venus Do?

Venus was portrayed as having a deliciously curvaceous figure and a face that captivated anyone who looked upon her. But even the most beautiful women in today’s world often wish to tweak or enhance something in order to feel even sexier. Would Venus leave herself au naturel if she were around today, or would she be tempted to seek out a little cosmetic enhancement?

Perhaps she’d like to have liposuction to perfect and accentuate her curves, or maybe she’d like to have breast augmentation to look even more voluptuous in those infamous naked poses. Or she might like to explore her options with injectables, like dermal fillers or BOTOX®, to ensure her face is smooth and youthful looking for next several thousand years.

Embrace Your Inner Goddess

The bottom line is, a plethora of options exist in the modern world of plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments, whichmeans there’s no reason you shouldn’t feel free to enhance your appearance and release your inner goddess.

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