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Will Breast Implants Give You the Perfect Shape?

Breast Implants

Breast Implants Women interested in breast augmentation are often just as concerned with shape as they are with size. Like size, breast shape is a personal preference and varies from individual to individual, so the perfect breast shape and size remain subjective preferences rather than a “one size fits all” situation.

“Ideal” Breast Shape

However, a recent study determined ideal breast shape in rather objective, scientific terms. According to the study, the most widely appealing breast shape adheres to a 45:55 ratio. That is to say, 45 percent of the breast volume is situated above the nipple and 55 percent below the nipple.

Implants Effect Volume, Not Necessarily Shape

Breast augmentation patients eager to apply the new findings to their breasts should keep in mind that implants do not necessarily affect the shape of your breasts, and are instead primarily designed with volume in mind. While different types of implants now come in a variety of shapes to meet different preferences, natural anatomy inevitably influences the end result of any breast augmentation, no matter how skilled your cosmetic surgeon.

Patients shouldn’t think of this as a negative thing. Your breasts after implants are still your breasts and will have unique characteristics just like your pre-operative breasts had. The primary difference will be a noticeable boost in volume, with implant type having a certain degree of influence on shape. That doesn’t mean the “ideal” breast shape isn’t attainable, but that some amount of subjectivity and individual variation should be accounted for, and can only contribute to more natural-looking breast augmentation results.

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