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Why Your Tummy Wants a Mommy Makeover, Not a Body Wrap

plastic body wrap

plastic body wrapIn case you thought covering your body in coconut oil and then wrapping yourself in cling wrap so tightly that you almost can’t breathe was a good idea, stop right there. Seriously, it’s a little hard to believe this is still a thing, especially when you could just reap the real benefits of a tummy tuck or mommy makeover instead.

Let’s Save the Plastic Wrap for Leftovers, Shall We?

It doesn’t help matters that gorgeous celebrities like Sophia Vergara are open about the fact that they partake in strange DIY beauty treatments like the ol’ cling wrap trick. But the truth is that if you seem to be losing inches doing this, that’s only because you’re literally sweating it away—you’re not losing any fat or making any real gains.

And while we’re at it, the same goes for those pesky waist training devices, which can actually do some serious damage to your ribs and organs if you’re not careful.

No matter how you slice it, body wraps aren’t going to replace good old-fashioned gym time.

Why a Mommy Makeover Is SO the Better Option

Here are the facts: you have some trouble spots around your midsection, maybe after having a kid or two, and you want them gone. Trouble is, you’ve done your time in the gym and you’ve juiced enough kale to feed an army of rabbits. But you’re still not seeing the improvements you’d hoped for.

Here’s the solution: step away from the cling wrap and find a qualified plastic surgeon about a tummy tuck or a full-fledged mommy makeover. These options can actually give you the results you’re looking for AND they don’t run the risk of squishing your organs to bits.


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Why Your Tummy Wants a Mommy Makeover, Not a Body Wrap
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Why Your Tummy Wants a Mommy Makeover, Not a Body Wrap
Tummy tuck benefits trump DIY beauty gimmicks like body wraps any day, and plastic surgery personality RaveBabe speaks her mind on the subject here.
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