Why Your Face Is Gonna Be BFFs with Silhouette Instalift™

happy woman after instalift

happy woman after instaliftLines, wrinkles, jowls—oh my! If these signs of aging are creeping up on your face faster than you’d expected, it might be a job for the minimally invasive Silhouette Instalift™. Here are three good reasons why you might want to opt in for this procedure over a facelift.

No Time for a Facelift? No Problem!

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time and a place for a facelift. But if you just don’t quite have the time right now or aren’t quite ready for an extensive surgical procedure, Instalift could be your ticket to a younger-looking complexion, sans facelift.

Instalift works by carefully inserting tiny threads into your skin to 1) instantly lift and tighten your skin and 2) stimulate your skin’s natural collagen production for long-term effects.

No Downtime

With Instalift, you can have the procedure done on Friday afternoon and be back in the office bright and early on Monday morning.

One of the biggest benefits of Instalift is that there’s no downtime and no recovery period. Sure, you might experience a little swelling or bruising, but this stuff shouldn’t keep you from going about your regular activities.

Long-Lasting Results

Another Instalift plus is that most people see results that last anywhere from 18 to 24 months after their treatment, making it an excellent addition or alternative to other med spa treatments like BOTOX® or hyaluronic acid fillers that don’t generally last that long.

At some point down the road, springing for a facelift might make the most sense for you. But if you’re not quite there yet or simply don’t have the time, the Silhouette Instalift could be the way to go.


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Why Your Face Is Gonna Be BFFs with Silhouette Instalift™
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Why Your Face Is Gonna Be BFFs with Silhouette Instalift™
Have you heard about the Silhouette Instalift yet? Ravebabe explains what this innovative anti-aging treatment is and why you might want to get one.
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