Why You Can & Should Only Get New Boobs for Yourself

Confident woman posing in a black brassiere.

Confident woman posing in a black brassiere.With most plastic surgery, such as eye lifts or nose jobs, the reasons behind a person’s choice are typically boosting self-esteem or fixing a flaw they see when they look in the mirror. And no one questions this.

However, when it comes to boob jobs, the gossip begins. “She got those new boobs to make her husband happy.” Or, “She’s having a mid-life crisis.”

While these gossip hounds should mind their own business, the truth is women get breast augmentation for a variety of reasons and benefits. It is a very personal decision.

Don’t let haters affect your decision. That annoying PTA mom that has an opinion about everything doesn’t matter.

Breast Augmentation Can Help Boost Self-Esteem

For many women, the biggest benefit of breast augmentation is a boost in self-esteem. When women think of femininity, they often picture full breasts and curves. An A-cup doesn’t fit that image. In many cases, small breasts make women feel less attractive or desirable.

Plus, designers make women’s clothes with breasts in mind (and that leans more towards C-cups). Your strapless dress doesn’t fit the same with an A-cup as it does with a C-cup. Women struggle to find bras that fit correctly, and often, a breast augmentation can make this easier. In this case, choosing a breast augmentation is all about making you feel better about your appearance and nothing more.

A Boob Job Can Correct Disproportionate Breasts

In some cases, breasts may develop disproportionately, leaving one breast smaller than the other. In addition to making it nearly impossible to find a bra that fits right, many women become self-conscious of the size differences. Breast augmentation can help boost the smaller breast and even out your bustline.

Breast Implants Help Restore a Pre-Pregnancy Figure

Losing pregnancy weight is a goal of every new mom. Unfortunately, after losing the weight and nursing, the girls may lose some of their size and shape. Breasts may sag or droop and, in some cases, can even drop a few cup sizes. For many women, breast augmentation simply helps them get back their pre-pregnancy figure. Oftentimes, breast augmentation is one of a couple different procedures combined for a mommy makeover.

Significant Weight Loss Can Reduce Breast Size

Are you a woman that loses weight from your boobs before your waistline? After excessive weight loss, many women opt for breast augmentation to restore their desired breast size.

As with pregnancy, significant weight loss can also affect the breasts. You may notice that they aren’t as full and plump as they once were. While you are proud of the weight loss, maybe you miss your breasts and want those curves back. In this case, breast augmentation can give you back the fullness in your breasts that compliment your new waistline and healthy body.

Breast Implants Help Restore Breasts after Breast Cancer and a Mastectomy

In 2020, the American Cancer Society estimates that 276,480 women will receive a diagnosis of breast cancer. For many women, this means a mastectomy and the loss of one or both breasts. After winning a cancer battle, many women turn to breast augmentation to replace lost breasts and make them feel whole again.

Combined with a Breast Lift, Breast Augmentation Can Create a Younger Look

As women age, gravity takes its toll on the breasts. You may notice they are shrinking in size and just aren’t as perky as they used to be. For many women, breast augmentation along with a breast lift helps restore their perky appearance and fullness, giving a younger, more youthful look and improving self-esteem.


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Why You Can & Should Only Get New Boobs for Yourself
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Why You Can & Should Only Get New Boobs for Yourself
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