Laser Hair Removal

Why Yes, There’s a Laser for That Nose Hair Problem of Yours

laser treatment nose hair

laser treatment nose hairThere’s nothing like a big honking nose hair in the middle of your face to ruin your otherwise perfectly contoured evening look, am I right?

Lucky for you, bothersome nose hairs (and other pesky hair!) can be a thing of the past, thanks to the many versatile benefits of laser skintreatments.

Zap! Your Nose Hair’s Gone!

While you’re in for your next laser treatment appointment, you might want to ask your provider if they can toss in a quick nose hair zap. That’s just what model Ashley Graham did before appearing at the Met Gala this year, and I say, if laser nose hair removal is good enough for her, it’s good enough for the rest of us, too!

Really, the nose hair treatment seems pretty quick and painless, albeit a little strange. Apparently, a quick zap with the laser is enough to make any visible nose hairs less noticeable without doing any harm to the inside of your nose.

Whatever you do, please don’t DIY laser nose hair removal…or any other laser skin treatment, for that matter.

But Wait, There’s More!

Saying adios to that pesky nose hair isn’t the only thing a laser can help you do. Really, the list of benefits of laser skin treatments just keeps growing and growing.

Lasers can not only help you get rid of unwanted hair on just about any part of your body, but they can also tighten your skin, erase that embarrassing tattoo you got from a friend while away at summer camp and help you part ways with the likes of acne scars, birthmarks and age spots.


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Why Yes, There’s a Laser for That Nose Hair Problem of Yours
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Why Yes, There’s a Laser for That Nose Hair Problem of Yours
Betcha didn’t know that getting rid of nose hair was a benefit of laser skin treatments. RaveBabe shares her take on this strange but plausible use for lasers.
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