Why Winter Is the Best Time for Liposuction


Liposuction While showing off the perfect curves may be something that’s normally associated with warmer weather, winter is actually one of the best times of year for body sculpting procedures. Here’s a closer look at the reasons why you might want to consider scheduling your liposuction procedure before the seasons change again.

Scheduling Is a Snap

Spring and summer are often the busiest season for plastic surgery practices. Appointments book up very quickly, and it can be hard to find the flexibility to need to schedule your procedure at a time that works best for you. Things tend to slow down a bit through the winter, so it’s a much better chance that you’ll find an appointment slot that meshes better with your daily routine.

Discretion Is Easier

The compression garments that are worn following lipo are designed to fit closely to the body, but they can still make men and women feel self-conscious. They also need to be worn for an extended period of time, so the long sleeves and layers of winter clothing offer a lot more discretion after surgery.

Additionally, with school back in session and the hectic holiday schedule around the corner, no one really expects the type of leisure time that so many people enjoy in the summers. This makes it easier to schedule a week or two of downtime for your procedure and recovery with no one the wiser. Plus, if you want to be able to show off your results by summer, planning your appointment sometime in the next month or two leaves you plenty of time to ensure that you’re all healed up by the time you’re ready to shop for new bikinis.

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