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Why Plastic Surgery and Reality TV Shouldn’t Mix

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Whether it’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians, following a family with way too many kids or ogling with a mixture of loathing and envy at some teenager’s Super Sweet 16, reality TV shows are good for a lot of things. Besides, well, showing actual reality. In fact, most reality TV shows seem so far from everyday reality as we know it that the entire genre seems like a misnomer.

When it comes to plastic surgery and reality television, the two are like a perfect match made in all the glory of our media-saturated culture. What could be more appealing than watching people mess with their physical appearances for our own amusement?

Okay, it’s not entirely for our amusement. Tina Malone would most likely undergo all the same post-weight loss body contouring procedures sans her upcoming television show that’s set to document the process. So what’s wrong with having a little harmless fun at the expense of other people’s insecurities?

Nothing (arguably), as long as it’s just that: fun. The problem with plastic surgery and reality TV is that reality shows can make a process that is, in fact, highly personal and individualized appear glamorous, gratuitous and dramatic.

Maintaining Realistic Expectations

If you’ve ever had plastic surgery yourself, you probably have a much more realistic grasp on the experience than if your only exposure to plastic surgery is reruns of “Botched.” The truth is, enhancing your appearance with plastic surgery can be a deeply intimate and rewarding experience. It can also make you look hotter, fitter, sexier and younger—but keep in mind that the airbrushing you see in the latest celebrity “reality” rag won’t be included.

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