Why Not Blow Your Tuition on Lipo Instead?

Women smiling

Women smilingSurely, we don’t need to go here. You get that it’s called a student loan for a reason, right? Student, that’s the important word. As in “Use this money to pay your tuition and be a student.”

That’s not how Katerina Christodoulou saw her student loan. She decided to “invest” all $14,359 of her student loan in the form of liposuction for pesky fat on her thighs, bottom, hips, thighs, and knees. When the well ran dry, her boyfriend kicked in for a boob job. She did manage to graduate college. We guess that’s a risky bet that paid off but it’s still a bit of a shaky life choice.

Be a Responsible Adult Already

Tuition and adult life are mad expensive, so let’s not make it harder by running out of money early on. If you’re some freak of nature and graduate with loan money to spare, there’s a little thing we call “early repayment” of those loans that we recommend. Or, maybe hold on to the money for a while to make sure you can handle this adulting thing without going broke. Unless your sleek thighs and trim knees are going to bring in some dough, that degree to get a job is probably a better use of tuition money.

Footing the Bill

If you can’t pay for lipo with a tuition windfall, then how? It’s called saving a dollar here and there until you have enough dollars, or talking to your plastic surgeon about financing options. A payment plan is always a better life choice than cashing in your go-to-school check for a lipo and breast implant combo.

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