Why Liposuction Won’t Help You Lose Weight


Liposuction The idea that liposuction is a solution for weight loss is probably one of the most persistent myths about the procedure. In reality, while you may end up losing a pound or two after lipo, this is really a byproduct of the surgery rather than the goal. Here’s a closer look at why liposuction won’t help you lose weight.

Where Weight Comes From

All fat cells are not created equal. The primary culprit when it comes to excessive weight gain is the layer of visceral fat that surrounds the internal organs. This fat is responsible for the health problems associated with obesity, such as an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

The body also has a second kind of fat, called subcutaneous fat. This layer lies closer to the surface of the skin, and can be easily pinched between the fingers. Although this layer may dissipate somewhat with diet and exercise in those who are overweight, the subcutaneous fat is pretty tenacious and often remains behind even after the target weight has been reached.

Weight and Lipo

Liposuction targets the subcutaneous fat only; since the majority of weight gain occurs due to the presence of visceral fat, it’s easy to see how lipo really can’t make a difference in terms of total pounds. What liposuction can do, however, is help to sculpt the body into more aesthetic lines after you’ve reached your target weight, yet notice just a few isolated pockets of subcutaneous fat here or there that stick around despite your best weight loss efforts.

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