Why Liposuction Is Way Better Than Double Spanx

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LiposuctionKim Kardashian has admitted to wearing 2 pairs of Spanx at once in order to achieve a smoother line. If you’ve ever decided to emulate the celebrity, you will know first-hand just how uncomfortable it is wearing 2 pairs of body-shaping underwear. In fact, even 1 pair can result in quite a bit of discomfort. Rather than tolerating the inconvenience, why not consider a more permanent option?

Double Spanx are Incredibly Uncomfortable

One woman who tried the Kardashian method of achieving smooth lines found that, not only did the underwear not make a significant difference, wearing 2 pairs at once was unbelievably uncomfortable.

    When a smooth line is of utmost importance, liposuction body contouring can be a vastly superior method.

Smoother Lines, Long-Lasting Results

Even if you can deal with the discomfort involved in wearing 2 pairs of Spanx, the truth is that it won’t change your shape all that much, plus you have the rolling down issues and reduced flexibility to contend with.

On the other hand, liposuction body contouring can reduce the appearance of problem areas such as muffin tops or love handles on a long-term basis and without the discomfort of layering your control underwear.

It’s Not Only for Your Stomach

Liposuction can also provide fantastic results on other areas you’re less than happy with, such as chins, ankles and thighs. In fact, it is suitable for almost all parts of the body.

As with all other procedures, liposuction body contouring will be fully customized to meet your individual requirements following an initial consultation with your surgeon.

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