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Why Lip Injections for Valentine’s Day Are a Must

lip injections for valentine's day

lip injections for valentine's dayIf you’re planning on doing a little extra special smooching on Valentine’s Day, you just might want to look into getting lip injections now so you can be ready to pucker up just in time.

Still on the fence about lip injections? No sweat. These three unbeatable benefits just might sway you to the filler side.

  1. Lip Injections Fit Right into Your Lunch Break

    With lip fillers, there’s no need to cancel your plans or cash out that extra PTO you’ve been saving for a rainy day. This treatment can usually fit right into your lunch break, and since it doesn’t require any downtime, you can get right back to doin’ your thang as soon as you leave.

  2. Your Perfect Pout Could Last up to a Year

    JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA is specifically designed for plumping your lips, while other types of JUVÉDERM are great for filling in lines and creases.

    It’s true that your lip filler will gradually fade away over time, which means that you’ll need regular appointments to keep the same look. But many fillers like JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA® XC can give you long-lasting results that you won’t have to touch for up to a year.

  3. Define Your Lip Shape While You’re at It

    Lip injections can double down for you and add a boost of volume while softening your lip lines and defining your lip shape. And the best part? You’ll still look like yourself, just with an enhanced pout that’s sure to make your lips absolutely irresistible this Valentine’s Day.

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Why Lip Injections for Valentine’s Day Are a Must
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Why Lip Injections for Valentine’s Day Are a Must
Thinking about getting lip injections for Valentine’s Day? RaveBabe shells out her three favorite benefits of lip fillers just in time for V-Day.
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