Why CoolSculpting® Is the Summer Love Affair That Won’t Disappoint


CoolSculptingSummer is the season of backyard barbecues and afternoons at the beach. Summer is also the time when love just seems to be in the air. Well, if you happen to be at one of those outdoor music festivals there’s probably something else in the air. But also love. While summer affairs can start out fun and exciting, they often end up short and disappointing. Want to know something that will give you at least as much satisfaction as your summertime fling, but probably last a lot longer? CoolSculpting®!

Even after the scent of sunblock and chlorine have faded, CoolSculpting®‘s love will endure.

What The Heck Is CoolSculpting,©, Actually?

If you’ve been too busy (or possibly living in a sensory deprivation tank) lately, you may not have heard about CoolSculpting®. It’s a new procedure that is pretty much the best thing to come out since, well, almost anything. Basically, you can relax and look at Pinterest (or maybe have a chocolate facial, which is a thing) while a super friendly CoolSculpting® Technician uses a totally not-scary wand-like device to administer cold temperatures to your chunky spots. This literally kills fat cells, which die a dignified death and exit your body over the next several weeks. (Note: if your technician is not super friendly, maybe find another.)

Why CoolSculpting® Is Better Than Dating

Unlike your latest Tinder match, CoolSculpting® wants to settle down with you long-term. As with any relationship, you have to put in work. Unlike most relationships, though, your investment into maintaining your CoolSculpting® results will pay off. CoolSculpting® will never start dating your roommate or ask you to do its laundry. Also unlike your last several dates, CoolSculpting® is entirely non-invasive and won’t cause you any serious pain. If you still have questions about CoolSculpting®, get in touch with a properly trained tech near you.

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