Why Compression Garments Matter After Lipo

Female squeezes her legs

153757881Liposuction is a highly effective way to improve body contours and sculpt a smoother, sexier silhouette. The best candidates for lipo are at a healthy weight and simply want to address a few problem areas that persist despite their efforts to eat well and exercise regularly. For these patients, surgery day is only the first step in the process of improving their figure. Following your doctor’s orders, including wearing compression garments, is imperative during the weeks following surgery to ensure the best liposuction results possible.

Less Swelling & Bruising

For years, surgeons have recommended the use of compression garments for lipo patients because they felt it improved patient comfort and helped speed up the recovery process. However, recent medical studies have officially validated the benefits of post-op compression therapy. During these studies, compression garments were clearly proven to significantly decrease the amount of bruising and swelling. The likelihood of seroma (the accumulation of excess fluid) was also proven to decline with the use of the garments.

More Comfortable Recovery

Whether it’s a bruise or a cut, humans instinctually apply pressure to minimize pain. Compression garments replicate this action by applying constant gentle pressure to the area that needs to heal. Patients often report that the garments give them a sense of security and help lessen soreness and discomfort while they recuperate. With a decrease in swelling, bruising and fluid retention, it’s not hard to see why the use of compression garments also translates to a more comfortable recovery for the patient.

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