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Why Boobs Look Weird After Getting Breast Implants

Boobs Look Weird

Boobs Look WeirdImmediately after breast augmentation your boobs might sit unnaturally high or appear misshapen, especially if implants have been placed beneath the chest muscle. We often refer to this phenomenon as Frankenboob. But fear not! It may take 4 to 6 weeks for your implants to settle into place, a process known as Dropping and Fluffing. Soon, the chest muscles will relax and implants will drop down to round out the lower part of the breast.

How to Speed up Recovery Time

Natural-looking results are not instantaneous, so give your body adequate time to heal after your breast augmentation. Get plenty of rest, stay hydrated, and avoid heavy lifting that will further agitate your muscles. To speed up the settling process, your cosmetic surgeon may suggest displacement exercises, medication, massage, relaxation techniques or wearing a bandeau over the top of the breasts to encourage implants to drop into place.

What’s Normal After Breast Augmentation?

Prolonged superior displacement is possible. In some cases, Frankenboob may last longer than normal. But try not to freak! In some cases, it can take as long as 6 months for implants to settle, especially if you started with very small breasts and have chosen large implants. However, most problems will resolve in due time. In rare cases, if no improvement is seen after six months, additional surgery may be necessary to reconstruct the lower breast pocket or reposition the nipples.

Try to be patient during the settling process. The final results will be worth the wait! As always, it’s important to share all your concerns with your cosmetic surgeon to find out what’s normal after breast augmentation.


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Why Boobs Look Weird After Getting Breast Implants
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Why Boobs Look Weird After Getting Breast Implants
Plastic surgery blogger Ravebabe discusses what’s normal after breast augmentation and explains why boobs may look unnatural immediately after surgery.
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