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Why a Last-Minute Tummy Tuck before Your Wedding Is a Big DON’T

Tummy Tuck before Wedding

Tummy Tuck before WeddingEvery bride wants to look bomb on her big day, sure. But if your plan is to schedule a quick tummy tuck right before your wedding day, think again. Still tempted to give last-minute plastic surgery a try? Check out these three super good reasons to plan ahead or wait till after your honeymoon.

  1. You’ll Get #Swole

    Seriously, you’ll probably look and feel bigger than you did before your tummy tuck for the first few weeks afterwards. Swelling is a totally normal effect after plastic surgery, but it’s not exactly what you want while saying your “I dos.”

  2. Do You Really Wanna Limit Physical Activity?

    A tummy tuck is an extensive surgical procedure, so you’re gonna have to limit your physical activity for a while after. Unless you feel like hobble-walking down the aisle and getting zero action on your honeymoon, you’ll probably want to hold off on your tummy tuck until after the wedding festivities are over.

    [pullqote]There are nonsurgical tummy tuck options you can try if you’re really in a pinch.[/pullquote]

  3. You Won’t See Results in Time, Anyway

    It’ll take 3 to 4 months for your tummy tuck results to even begin to develop, while your final results coming in around the 9-month mark. So if you don’t have this kind of time before your wedding to wait around for results, all that stressing out and last-minute running around isn’t going to be worth it at all.

    Plus, your tummy tuck recovery should be anything but stressful. If you’re running around like a madwoman trying to get things ready for your big day, the last thing you want to worry about is staying off your feet and nursing yourself back to full strength.

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Why a Last-Minute Tummy Tuck before Your Wedding Is a Big DON’T
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Why a Last-Minute Tummy Tuck before Your Wedding Is a Big DON’T
Thinking about getting a last-minute tummy tuck before a wedding? Plastic surgery personality RaveBabe says this is a big no-no and shares 3 good reasons why.
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