When BOTOX® Goes Wrong, Can You Fix a Mistake?!

woman covering face with hair

woman covering face with hairYou look in the mirror after getting BOTOX®. What are you thinking? Is it: “Wow, I look like a refreshed and youthful version of my gorgeous self?” Or is it more like: “Dear God, what have I done?!” We hope it’s not the latter but, if so, you’re not alone. We all know bad BOTOX® is possible. Much like over-tweezing and other beauty mistakes, though, we never think it’ll happen to us. So, is there a return from a BOTOX® job gone wrong?

Time Is the Only Cure for Your Frozen Face

Has a wonky BOTOX® job left you looking creepily expressionless, lopsided, perpetually quizzical or otherwise odd? If you’re the victim of overzealous BOTOX® injections, take heart. It won’t stay this way forever. The bad news is that you’ll just have to wait for it to wear off. As you gradually return to looking like a person you recognize in the mirror again, you may want to read the next paragraph to help you avoid another bogus BOTOX® experience.

How to Avoid Bad BOTOX®

BOTOX® is kind of like sushi: you should only get it from certain places.


It’s best to avoid BOTOX® mishaps altogether. Here’s how. First, only go to actual real-deal professionals for stuff like BOTOX ®. Seriously, if you want to buy a knock-off handbag that’s your prerogative but when it comes to people injecting stuff into your face, a little more discretion is warranted. Never, ever go to one of those “BOTOX ® parties.” This is, and always has been, a terrible idea. Remember that friends don’t let friends go to BOTOX® bandits. Stick to credentialed professionals. This isn’t Mary Kay.

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When BOTOX® Goes Wrong, Can You Fix a Mistake?!
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When BOTOX® Goes Wrong, Can You Fix a Mistake?!
Wondering how to fix Botox mistakes? Here's the good and bad news about unnatural-looking Botox, and how to avoid ending up with it in the first place.
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