Boob Job Do-Over

What’s the Right Timing for Revision Surgery?

Revision Surgery

Revision Surgery After any type of cosmetic surgery, the final results won’t be visible immediately; this is particularly true for breast augmentation. For one thing, although you’ll probably notice that your figure is definitely more generous than before, initial swelling might account for some of that volume increase. Knowing that this is the situation, how long before you can tell the difference between “still in the healing stages” and “unhappy with the results” that could necessitate breast revision surgery?

The Healing Process

Although the technical process of healing is the same for everyone, there are still a lot of individual differences when it comes to recovery time. A breast augmentation requires the body to heal both externally (from incisions, even smaller ones) and internally (the surgical pockets where the implants are placed). The body views surgery as damage, and the repair process begins immediately.

The first stage is called the inflammatory phase. The breasts will look and feel swollen and tender during this time, which lasts about a week. Next, collagen tissue is produced around the incision and surgical site to repair skin and tissue, which lasts for a few weeks or more. Recovery after breast augmentation also includes waiting for the implants to settle properly into the surgical pockets, which could take several weeks.

Planning for Revisions

So at what point is healing considered complete? Again, while this time varies for everyone, it’s best to wait at least six months after a previous surgery before considering breast revision. Six months gives the body time to heal completely, and allows your surgeon to see much more clearly the level of correction that’s needed for a successful revision surgery.

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