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What’s the Latest Haps with Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation - RaveBabe

Breast Augmentation - RaveBabeCan boobs be trendy? Listen, they’re always in style, but there are trends related to breasts that change from decade to decade, or even year to year.

Just take a look at those 1950s bullet bras if you want an example of an odd ta-ta trend that has thankfully bit the dust. (Please don’t let TikTok bring those back!)

But what about right now in 2021? What are the breast augmentation trends you need to be aware of?

First, Is Breast Augmentation Still Popular?

You bet it is! But while it previously reigned supreme as the top plastic surgery, it no longer holds the throne. In fact, it fell to the second most popular plastic surgery for women and the fifth most popular overall.

But interest in it did drop in 2020. Does this mean that boob jobs are on the decline?

Breast augmentation wasn’t as trendy in 2020 as in years past, but this may change as we resume our old lifestyles.

Frankly, we don’t want to forecast any trend based on that year, but especially not with plastic surgery. In 2020, priorities were a bit different because we were working remotely and not seeing a lot of people in person. The Zoom Boom put the focus on the face, and a lot of people who might have chosen augmentation instead went for things like brow and eye lifts.

But now things are opening up, many workplaces are dropping the remote model and there is a good chance that by the end of 2021, breast augmentation will once again be the top surgery for women.

Are Big Boobs “In?”

That depends on what you mean by “big.” Curvy, slim-thick figures are still in, and part of that aesthetic is having larger breasts for your frame. But these aren’t the overly round, unnatural-looking breasts that we remember from 90s centerfolds and television.

Instead, the trend is to push the boundary of what can pass as natural — large, but not absurd. And teardrop shapes over round. The goal is an hourglass figure, not a top-heavy one.

What about “Athletic” Boob Jobs?

This is another trend that has popped up a lot lately. Basically, this is the opposite of the hourglass look. Instead, smaller implants are used to fit a more athletic frame. The idea is to add a touch of femininity without making the chest so large that it impacts performance, allowing female athletes the chance to really enjoy all their bodies can do for them.

What Is the Most Popular Implant Placement?

Under the muscle remains the most popular. It reduces the risk of capsular contracture and often results in the most natural-looking breasts. However, subfascial placement is rapidly gaining in popularity and may soon replace this as the top method of choice.

Ultimately, breast augmentation lasts longer than most trends do. So, if you are looking to get surgery, don’t base your decisions on what other people are doing. Make the choices that are right for your body and goals.

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What’s the Latest Haps with Breast Augmentation?
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What’s the Latest Haps with Breast Augmentation?
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