What’s That? RaveBabe Was Named a Top BOTOX® Blog? You Shouldn’t Have!

BOTOX blog award

… but of course, we’re thrilled you did. We do love our (we think) clever little corner of the beauty blogging world here at RaveBabe, and fully admit that BOTOX® is one of our all-time favorite beauty products.

As for blogs on BOTOX®, it’s true we do have those in spades. Like 4 Truths about BOTOX® That Just Might Make You Do a Happy Dance, or that time we discussed the importance of avoiding so-called BOTOX® Bandits.

Do we really think BOTOX® can help heal a broken heart, or improve your poker game? Well, let’s just say we do believe that with BOTOX®, all things are possible.

Thanks for the nomination, and please keep sharing that RaveBabe love with the world!


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