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Whatever You Do, Do NOT Put Wasps in Your Vajayjay


Whatever You DoWhile it might seem like it goes without saying that you shouldn’t put crushed up wasp nests in your vagina, this outlandish new vaginal tightening craze is apparently picking up some speed.

If the thought of letting wasps anywhere near your lady bits isn’t enough to scare you away from this faux-treatment, please, let me steer you in a much better direction.

Why Wasp Nests DON’T Belong in Your Hoo-Ha

The internet has apparently decided to start collecting wasp nests that still contain wasp eggs, crush them up into a paste and sell the resulting substance to women looking for a tighter vagina.

According to dermatologists, this “product” can seriously dry out your vajayjay, which is why it might seem to have a tightening effect. But not only is this not the type of vaginal tightening most women are looking for, it can also cause abrasions during sex. Ouch. And did I mention that it also burns when you apply it? Double ouch.

What You SHOULD Try Instead

Before putting wasp eggs in your vagina, give nonsurgical Geneveve™ a try. You won’t be sorry.

Let’s leave the wasp nests for the wasps, shall we? But that doesn’t mean there’s no way to tighten up your lady parts and start having better sex. Talk to your plastic surgeon about Geneveve™ vaginal tightening, which is great for so many reasons.

First of all, it won’t sting or burn you. Second, you only need a single 30-minute treatment session to get your full results. Third, there’s no downtime whatsoever, so you can get right back to your normal activities, including sex. Finally, you can enjoy the same tight, sexy results for up to a year before even having to think about a touch-up treatment.


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Whatever You Do, Do NOT Put Wasps in Your Vajayjay
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Whatever You Do, Do NOT Put Wasps in Your Vajayjay
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