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What to Do When One Tummy Tuck Just Isn’t Enough

revision tummy tuck

revision tummy tuck You know that saying that goes something like, “If one’s good, two must be better?” Well when it comes to your tummy tuck, you can probably imagine why that logic doesn’t quite hold up.

If you want to reap the benefits of your first tummy tuck long-term, here are your two main options.

You Could Be Like Katie Price and Get Another

Celebrity Big Brother winner Katie Price is no stranger to tummy tucks, or plastic surgery in general, for that matter. In total, she’s had nine boob jobs, a few nose jobs and facelifts, two vajayjay procedures, multiple tummy tucks and loads more surgical and nonsurgical work done.

Comparatively, your second tummy tuck wouldn’t have anything on Ms. Price. But jokes aside, between recovery time, procedure costs and your own sanity, keeping your plastic surgery revisions to a minimum really pays off in the long run.

Ladies, if you’re on your tenth boob job, it might be time to hang up the revisions.

Or You Could Do It Right the First Time

Unless you’re like Price and want to “be so plastic you’re non-biodegradable,” you probably want your tummy tuck benefits to last as long as possible after the first go-around. The good news is that with the right diet and exercise habits, they can. The secrets to making your tummy tuck results last are as follows:

  • Pick a plastic surgeon who knows what the heck they’re doing.
  • Wait until you’re done having kids to get your tummy tuck.
  • Don’t ditch your gym membership after your procedure.
  • Don’t rush your recovery.
  • Follow up with your plastic surgeon.


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What to Do When One Tummy Tuck Just Isn’t Enough
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What to Do When One Tummy Tuck Just Isn’t Enough
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