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What NOT to Do When Giving Plastic Surgery for Christmas

plastic surgery christmas present

plastic surgery christmas presentThinking of giving the magical gift of plastic surgery to your honey this Christmas? As you might imagine, this can be a touchy subject, to say the least, but it can also be a well-meaning, heartfelt show of support. It’s all in the execution. Here’s how NOT to go about giving plastic surgery as a gift under the tree.

DON’T Gift Plastic Surgery out of the Blue

What’s sweeter than unwrapping a free ticket to a boob job on Christmas morning, when you never, ever mentioned getting one? Not!

On the other hand, if your sweetie has been going on and on about getting eyelid surgery for those droopy brows or a facelift to feel younger and revitalized, saying that you’ll foot the bill could be an oh-so-sweet gesture.

DON’T Make Secret Arrangements

This isn’t Santa’s toy shop, and you’re not one of his elves, so please don’t make secret plastic surgery arrangements behind his/her back.

Even if your hubby has been wanting eyelid surgery all year, that doesn’t mean you have the green light to actually schedule his procedure for him. Maybe he’s changed his mind since you last talked about it, or maybe now isn’t the best time for plastic surgery for him.

DON’T Take the Reins

Whoa there, Rudolph. It’s not your surgery, so don’t drive the sleigh. If you want to give a gift in the form of financial and emotional support, great. But don’t make it seem like the details of the procedure are not entirely yup to your loved one…because they totally are.


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What NOT to Do When Giving Plastic Surgery for Christmas
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What NOT to Do When Giving Plastic Surgery for Christmas
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