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What Makes a Belly Button Beautiful?

Tummy Tuck Consultation

Woman's waist Whether your idea of a perfect belly button is small and narrow, deeper with a hood or completely open, most people can agree that a belly button should appear natural, not man-made. So how could a tummy tuck affect the appearance of your own belly button?

A Repositioned Belly Button

Even if you are perfectly happy with your belly button pre-tummy tuck, the navel usually still needs to be repositioned during surgery. This is because the tightening of the skin involved in a tummy tuck would result in your belly button ending up near your groin after the procedure if left in its original position.

During a tummy tuck, the belly button is normally removed from its pre-operative location. Once the skin is redraped over the abdominal area, the belly button is then replaced in a natural position as the final touch on your body contouring procedure.

Sculpting the Perfect Button

Your surgeon will have to reshape your belly button following your tummy tuck. Many women are grateful for the opportunity to gain a new belly button shape, as loose, baggy abdominal skin can often result in a squished, horizontally narrow belly button. However, it doesn’t hurt to talk with your surgeon about the type of belly button you would most prefer during your pre-surgery consultation.

A plastic surgeon should, above all, be concerned with honoring the natural body, and preferably has a fair amount of experience in shaping belly buttons. Tummy tuck results should never appear artificial, but instead should bring out the best in your body contours, and that includes sculpting a beautiful, natural-looking belly button.

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