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What Is the “Right Amount” of Lip Fillers?

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large lipsHave you ever just looked at a picture of a celebrity or influencer and thought to yourself, “That’s some bad lip filler!” With the amount of lip filler providers popping up every which way and the skyrocketing demand, it’s no wonder so many TikTokers are talking about filler migration, overfilling their lips or straight up bad lip filler jobs in general.

Most recently, one social media influencer called Erin Woodhurst took to TikTok with pictures of her “ruined face” after getting carried away with lip fillers. In Erin’s own words, her lips looked like she had been repeatedly stung by bees and were bumpy and uneven. She ended up getting the excess filler dissolved to resolve the issue.

Learn from Erin’s mistake and follow these four fab tips before even thinking about asking for more lip filler!

Check Credentials, Then Check Them Again!

First things first: ALWAYS check the medical credentials of the person who will be administering your lip fillers before booking an appointment. Your provider should be properly trained and have specific experience administering lip filler. They should also understand the proper injection techniques, exactly how much filler to use and at what pace to administer the filler for optimal results.

Verifying credentials and experience is the #1 thing you can do to avoid bee-sting lips like Erin.

Know Your Filler Types 

Put your Sherlock cap on and do some investigating of your own before your filler appointment. Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers are the most common type of filler used for the lips and, as Erin demonstrated in her TikTok post, for good reason. HA fillers can be dissolved if need be, so you don’t have to walk around with swollen, overfilled lips for months waiting for it to wear away on its own.

While a qualified provider should absolutely understand the best type of lip filler to use, it never hurts to ask questions and make sure you’re getting the right type. You can even ask to see the packaging of the filler before your appointment to double-check you’re getting what you think you are.

If Your Provider Says Stop, STOP

Think you could benefit from a little more filler here and a little more there? Well, stop, babe. If your provider recommends you ease up on the filler requests or risk looking overfilled like our TikTok friend Erin, listen to them! After all, if you followed the above advice and properly vetted your provider, you should trust their professional judgment.

And, please, whatever you do, do not shop around for a provider who will give you as much filler as your little heart desires, no matter what. This is a huge red flag.

Give It Time, Giiirl 

Don’t immediately love your lip filler results? Sit tight, girl, for real. It  can take up to two weeks after getting filler for swelling and bruising to diminish and for the product to fully settle into place. If you’re still not loving your results after this amount of time, talk with your provider to see if adding a small, reasonable amount might do the trick.

Remember, when it comes to lip filler, less is more.

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What Is the 'Right Amount' of Lip Fillers?
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What Is the 'Right Amount' of Lip Fillers?
What happens when you overfill your lips and have filler migration? Beauty blogger RaveBabe explains how one TikToker ended up with bad lip fillers.
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