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What If You Get a New Face & Your Phone Is Like, Who Dis?

Mature woman in a robe examining her face while looking in the mirror.

Mature woman in a robe examining her face while looking in the mirror.We have all seen the gossip columns and tabloids sharing stories of Hollywood’s elite and their plastic surgery transformations, for better or worse. But what happens when you look in the mirror after a facelift and feel like you are the topic of a new tabloid story? What happens when changes to your face make your phone question who you are?

While most facelift procedures deliver the results patients look for, there are rare occasions where someone may feel results are far from the desired look they hoped to achieve. But what can you do when the face you see in the mirror isn’t what you wanted?

Are the Changes Simply Normal Healing?

If you are still in the healing phase after a facelift, you may not be happy with the results you see. This is normal. For at least the first two weeks your face may experience swelling and bruising and what you see in the mirror will not be your final results.

It can take up to 3 months or more before your face heals and your final results are exposed. At this point, it is best to give it time and see what the results are once your face has had time to heal.

Did You Enter with Realistic Expectations?

While botched facelifts do happen, often people enter into procedures with unrealistic expectations. During your consultation, you and your surgeon should have discussed your facial goals and the results you hoped to achieve.

In some cases, achieving these goals may require additional procedures and your facelift may have been only the first in line. If you are unhappy with the results, speak with your surgeon about why the results were not what you talked about and how additional procedures might be able to help you achieve your goals.

Will Corrective Surgery Solve the Problem?

If your facelift has really gone wrong and the results aren’t what you desired, there are options available. Unfortunately, even the best plastic surgeons can have complications.

Not everyone responds to surgery the same and not everyone heals as expected.The first thing to do is to meet with your surgeon and discuss your dissatisfaction. In many cases, they may offer corrective surgery to correct the problem.

While many in this situation may opt for another surgeon, the truth is oftentimes your initial surgeon is your best choice. They understand how you heal from surgery and what might have gone wrong during your initial facelift.

Is It Really as Bad as You Think?

One more thing to consider before you jump into another procedure. Is your face really as bad as you think it is? Getting used to a new look can take time and, while, you may see faults in your face, others may not. Getting used to your new look may just take some time to adjust to.


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What If You Get a New Face & Your Phone Is Like, Who Dis?
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What If You Get a New Face & Your Phone Is Like, Who Dis?
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