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What Does Your Vagina Need? Laser Treatment? Dry Shampoo? Contouring?

Vaginal treatment - RaveBabe - April 2022

Vaginal treatment - RaveBabe - April 2022It’s a tale as old as marketing: companies want to make us feel bad about our vaginas. Just take a look at any vintage ad for a douching product (or maybe don’t, because YIKES). From smell to hair to labia length, it feels like we are constantly being told we need to improve our nether regions for the sake of everyone except ourselves.

And girl, never forget, your vulva and va-jay-jay are for you!

The Newest Vagina Quick Fixes

So, what is the latest and greatest product being sold to us to solve a problem we totally don’t even have? Why, it’s vagina dry wash – aka, dry shampoo for the lady bits. And yes, it is made by Vagisil. How ever did you guess?

I mean, it was them or Summer’s Eve, right? (Actually, they totally have one too.)

Anyhow, so what does this dry shampoo do for your land down under? Well, it works like any other dry shampoo: apply it to the hair, let it absorb the oils and leave the area fresher. It’s perfumed, so in addition to oil-free pubes, you’ll also have a fragrant flower.

Skip the cosmetics and make real changes that work for you with laser vaginal rejuvenation.And this isn’t the only weirdness that has recently emerged. From the sudden daily boric acid suppository craze to “vontouring,” there is a lot out there that is iffy at best. If you are going to invest in your vagina, at least make sure it is something that is safe, effective and benefits you.

Introducing: Intima Vaginal Rejuvenation

Not that it is new; Intima has been used for quite a few years and is proven to work. But work at what? Well, let’s get into laser vaginal rejuvenation benefits.

  • Increased Sexual Satisfaction: Laser vaginal rejuvenation helps to restore muscle firmness, which results in a tighter vaginal canal. While it’s easy to frame this as a benefit for the fellas, it actually is a big bonus for you. You are more likely to experience intense sexual sensations and have an easier time achieving vaginal orgasm.
  • Fewer Leaks: This is a big one for the mamas in the audience. When the pelvic floor muscles are weakened by pregnancy and childbirth, laughing and coughing often means peeing. Since Intima helps to restore the pelvic floor muscles, it can lessen or stop incontinence.
  • More Lubrication: When your muscles are tightened, things just start working as they should. This can result in increased vaginal lubrication. This can help with everything from easier sexytime to a lowered risk of infections.
  • Less Pain: After childbirth, and even in women who have never had children, vaginal pain is not uncommon. This can make it hard to do everything from have sex to use tampons. Laser vaginal rejuvenation can help with pain in the tissues of the vagina and make life more comfortable for you.

So, is Intima laser vaginal rejuvenation the right treatment for you? It just might be. I’m confident it will do more for you than any dry shampoo, at least. If you are ready to learn more, find a provider near you and schedule a consultation.


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What Does Your Vagina Need? Laser Treatment? Dry Shampoo? Contouring?
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What Does Your Vagina Need? Laser Treatment? Dry Shampoo? Contouring?
Wondering what your vagina needs? Cosmetic surgery personality RaveBabe thinks you should consider laser vaginal rejuvenation for its benefits.
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